Compressed Air System
Andrews Powder Coating uses state of the art Kaeser 50hps rotary screw air compressors that generate
far less heat and moisture in our air stream. All shop air is refrigerant air dried and multi stage filtered.
This ensures that your parts are not contaminated or moisture laden, and that all the parts are sprayed and
sandblasted with clean, non contaminated compressed air.

How it works:
Air enters a sealed chamber where it is trapped between two contra-rotating rotors. As the rotors intermesh,
they reduce the volume of trapped air and deliver it compressed to the proper pressure level. This simple
compression concept, with continuous contact cooling, allows the rotary screw air compressor to
operate with temperatures approximately one half that generated by a reciprocating compressor.
This lower temperature enables the rotary screw air compressor to operate in a "fully loaded" continuous duty
cycle 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, if necessary.
Its ability to operate for extended periods of time makes the rotary compressor ideal for demanding industrial

Why Rotary?
Designed to provide pulsation-free air 24 hours a day
100% continuous duty
Quiet operation
Energy efficient at full load
Extended service intervals
Reliable long life
Improved air quality.


Andrews Powder Coating has varied facilities to handle your specialized parts.
Our sandblast room is 8’ x 8’ by 20’ and can handle pieces as large as your car
For smaller parts, we use two pressure sandblast cabinets.
Both of these large and small part systems can be set up with a wide range of blasting media, the most common being aluminum
oxide,zeolite, glass bead and plastic media.

In the majority of applications, the Pressure Blast is favored because of it's speed and versatility.

How it works:
The pressure blast is a system in which the abrasive is in a closed pressurized tank with one
hose carrying a mixture of compressed air and abrasive from the tank to the nozzle.

Advantages of Pressure Blast:

Faster - about 3 times faster than syphon blast.
Particle velocity range - many pressure blasts are designed to operate from 1 to 125 psi.
Control of abrasive flow rate - the abrasive valve and the choke valve permit accurate control of the abrasive flow rate.
Operator fatigue - Reduced pressure blast nozzles are more compact and lightweight.
Maintenance - There are no air jets or gun bodies to wear out.
Longer abrasive life - Blast cleaning at high pressure greatly reduces abrasive life.
Pressure blasts throw more abrasive but at low pressure.
The abrasive breakdown per unit cleaned is reduced.
Can clean cored spaces.
Higher particle velocity - Critical in getting "tooth" on a blast cleaned metal surface.
Nozzle Variety - Can use special nozzles such as angle nozzle, cone blast 3600 nozzles, bottoming nozzles, and
rubber tube nozzles.

Spray Equipment
After many years of experience, our highly trained spray technicians have determined that
Wagner Powder Coating Systems provide the best reliability and consistent quality powder coated parts.

How it works:
The powder is delivered directly from the original powder box. Color changes are carried out in minutes. The
tried and tested Spirit X unit always ensures a uniform supply of powder.

The size part that any powder coating facility is capable of doing is determined by oven size.
APC has two convection ovens to accommodate your specialized needs.
Our smaller oven is 8’ x 8’ x 10’
Our large oven able to handle parts as large as 8’ x 7’ x 24’.


Refrigerated Powder Storage
The only facility in Southern California that employs a large refrigerated
powder storage room is Andrews Powder Coating. In discussions with many of the best powder manufacturers,
they have suggested that the shelf life and consistency required to maintain powder is to keep the powder
maintained at a constant 65 degrees at all time. We are very conscious of powder chemistry and composition, and
we are well aware that powder is sensitive to high temperatures. We will not allow boxes of powder to stay
exposed to ambient temperatures that will cause the powder to degrade in appearance and performance.

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