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Scott C. Andrews
C.E.O | President
Scott is a metal finishing and coatings specialist and also a certified expert witness in these fields. Scott has honed his experience through many years of business ownership and continuing educational improvements to stay at the top of the industry.

Scott is a third generation southern Californian, coming from a loving family deeply rooted in the motorsports racing community. Scott started working for his father at age 12, packaging motorcycle helmets at the family’s manufacturing facility. Scott grew up being active in football, motorcycling, car racing and other outdoor activities, which presented him with many career opportunities.

After testing many professions from fast food to corporate sales, he remembered his grandfather’s imparted wisdom: “In order to truly be successful, you need to be in business for yourself”. Scott never forgot those words. In his 20’s Scott knew that he had to be a business owner and that he would do whatever was necessary to achieve that goal. That opportunity came at age 28 when a family member offered to help him purchase his first successful company, Andrews Powder Coating, Inc. (then called PC Enterprises).

Scott immediately started a crash course in powder coating. With no training from the original owner, Scott was forced to learn with a trial by fire. Previous experience as a certified Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) in the commercial architectural doors, frames and hardware business allowed for an expansion of Scott’s knowledge of metal finishing. The understanding of base metals and the platings and coatings applied to them was instrumental in his rapid understanding of the powder coating business. 

Following the purchase of APC, Scott enrolled in training courses and went to all available trade shows. The tail wagged the dog during this learning curve, but Scott quickly took hold of the business and doubled the sales in just two years. Sales have continued to rise, and with exception of the Great Recession (2008-2011), the business has prospered well under his leadership. Scott took on a new business partner in 2002 with the addition of his wife Sandee. Sandee has performed well at his side and has been a great asset. The husband, wife and their vested team of employees have consistently kept the company well directed and profitable.

When not at Andrews Powder Coating, Inc. Scott enjoys the sport of Land Speed Racing (LSR) and has served on the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) Board in the roles of President, Chief Timer, Race Director and Secretary. In conjunction to his roles with the SCTA he also serves on the Bonneville Nationals, Inc. (BNI) Board of Directors. Scott is also a member of the Spirit of America World Land Speed Record team serving as the Logistics Director and Chief Timer for the ultimate World Land Speed Record team. When not racing LSR vehicles he is also supportive of his wife Sandee’s love of endurance racing on their Arabian horses, and together they share a love of photography, mountain biking and scuba diving. 

Sandee Andrews
CFO 2011 | Top CFO San Fernando Valley
Sandee handles the not so glamorous paperwork side of business, including all of the financials and permitting processes. When not at the shop, you will find her taking pictures in the local hills on either her Arabian horse Tommy, or her mountain bike. Sandee serves on the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Equestrian Committee to help maintain and preserve our open spaces for our local outdoor enthusiasts.

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Chris Doll
Production Manager | Customer Service
Chris is involved with every order, from the moment it comes in through the door until it is safely delivered back to the client. He is a true Key Man, and is the liaison between the client and the production floor, maintaining a true and cost effective schedule. He has proven to be a leader and inspires and motivates our employees to take true pride in our work. We are thankful to have Chris on our team.

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TC Carter
Outside Sales Representative | Motorcyle Specialist
TC joined our team after working at Kolbe Honda for fifteen years. TC currently has over 100 motorcycle dealership accounts, and has been a true asset to this market, as his expertise on the parts and functions of each has been invaluable to his clients. TC has been involved with motorcycle sports since he was a young lad growing up in San Angelo, Texas.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear a “TC Tale”, it’s quite the treat! TC also is passionate about rock music and plays his blacked
out Les Paul guitar in a band.


Raul Martin
Store Manager|Web Developer

We welcomed Raul into our team when he was still in high school! He comes offering a fresh perspective on social media and web development technology. Now a sophomore in college, Raul’s continuing education in these applied fields assists our company’s forward growth to reach specified targets.


Enrique Bustos
Lead Painter

Having Enrique on our powder coating team is truly a gift. Enrique has been with us since 1986! He sets a standard in the powder coating industry that is difficult, and rarely, matched. His work cannot be paralleled by any other coating facility. Enrique's
experience and knowledge of metal types, their reactions at certain temperatures, and powder formulations consistently ties together the quality APC has been known for and sought after.


Candelaria Campos
QC Supervisor | Shipping Manager

Candy has been with us since 1998. She is our final Quality Controller, carefully double checking every single part, making sure the parts coating is to the highest quality standard. Her quality care, inspection ability, and proper handling from the time your parts come out of the oven and go through the packaging stages assures no customer rejects. We are proud to have Candy on our powder coating team!



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Dave Winge
Preparations | Driver

Dave is another long term loyal Andrews Powder Coating employee, dedicated to the delivery of your finished parts without scratch or abrasion! When Dave isn’t performing pick up or delivery, he is quite handy in the prep shop, as he is very familiar with mechanics and how parts go back together after disassembly. He is also our on site spot welder and eagerly familiarizes himself with different
challenges. When Dave isn’t here, you will probably find him at a Los Angeles Kings game or working on his cool classic rockabilly car!



Dennis Ponce
Prep Shop Foreman
Dennis brings mad skills to our prep shop, performing some of our most difficult custom hand masking and proprietary fill work jobs. He has been great at being a team leader and imparting his knowledge to others to complete tasks flawlessly.

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