Forms of Art

We are honored to be continually chosen by the world’s most celebrated large and small format metal sculpture artists for their finishing needs. Art from our clients is on display worldwide on sides of buildings, inside airports, hotels, town centers and parks! We handle each piece of art with velvet gloves, assuring it gets to your installation free of defect!

Some of our artists include Sam Falls, Mike Kelley, Hannah Hoffman, Vulture Kulture, Aaron Kramer, University of Southern California (USC), Karena Massengil, and Jules Stewart.
It is a privilege to be endorsed by such high quality artists.
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Why throw it away?!  Give your old metal furniture a facelift.  Powder coat your patio set and $ave!
Refinish rusty or faded patio and garden furniture to “Like New” condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Restore your metal patio furniture, gates and railings to a beautiful appearance that will last decades. Powder coating is great for protecting your metal furniture, gates & railings from corrosion, wear-and-tear and the elements.

Andrews Powder Coating can coat virtually any type of metal.  Our expert staff will have your furniture, gates & railings looking new in no time at all. If it’s made of metal we can strip and re-coat it. We have hundreds of custom colors and textures available for you to choose from, so come on in and let’s get the party started!


Metals aren’t the only thing we powder coat. We have entered the market and have been catering to the custom glass industry since 2000! Powder coating on glass requires its own unique process because glass is a poor electrical conductor in comparison to metal.

Powder coating on glass is used in industries such as cosmetics, fragrances, wine and spirits, where the contents inside of the glass containers require protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays, particularly UVA electromagnetic radiation, which is capable of penetrating glass. When applied with a dual-coat method, powder coating techniques on glass provide an opaque shield against the light's effects.

In addition to the various industries aforementioned, powder coating on glass can turn your clear chandelier or other decorative glass objects into Venetian or stained glass look-alikes that will bring focus and highlight to your favorite display center at home.

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