FDA Compliant Coatings

FDA Specification 21 CFR 175.300 

Food and Drug Andministration (FDA) compliant powder coatings are formulated with raw materials that have been examined, tested and deemed safe by the FDA. For applications requiring direct food contact, these coatings offer an excellent solution.

FDA compliant powder coatings are also widely used in the medical field. Instrumentation for intra-body or extra-body can be certified to 510(k) and ISO 10993 standards (client 3rd party testing required). Associated medical equiment and furniture are other uses.

Some examples of what we use FDA compliant powder coatings are:
Surgical devices
Medical lighting
Refrigerator liners
Food prep shelving
Commercial and Residential Kitchen Appliances
Food process equipment
Hospital & Nursing home handrails
Municipal water pipes


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