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Powder Coating
Powder coating is an advanced method of electrostatically applying a decorative or functional dry powdered coating to parts. The parts are then oven cured. No drying time is necessary. As soon as the parts are cooled they are ready for use.
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About Us

is a full service coatings solutions provider.

Originally founded in 1980, our company has the experience that you are looking for.

We understand coating requirements and are happy to offer our expertise in these fields.  This experience saves your company time and money.  Our trained technicians pay close attention to detail.  The office administrators are responsive and can communicate with your purchasing and engineering teams.  We’re well versed in reading blueprints, specifications and offer program coating/processing certifications as required.  Andrews Powder Coating, Inc. is a first and second tier service provider to the MIL-SPEC – Defense Industries, FDA – Medical and AAMA 2605 Certified Architectural market segments.

Located in Chatsworth within the City of Los Angeles we have a local, regional and national footprint.

What makes us unique, separating us from our competitors?

For starters, it’s our coatings process. We combine state-of-the-art equipment, the latest in five stage pretreatment technology, testing, and the highest-grade powder coatings sourced from approved vendors to provide you with the finishes that you can depend on.
What's in it for you?
Andrews Powder Coating, Inc. has over three decades of experience that promises quality and processing on a reliable schedule to keeping your production flowing. We train our technicians how to do it right the first time so that you’re not experiencing delays due to rejections. We will save your company time and money through efficiencies and quality processing that leads to nearly non-existent rejects. These are real value added savings that go way beyond blindly selecting the lowest price for your project. Selecting coatings applicators and proper finishes is a major decision. We use products that meet stringent AAMA guidelines that ensure coatings meet certain standards for aesthetic and protective qualities.

How Do We Ensure Our Coatings Are Applied Correctly? Testing.

At Andrews Powder Coating, Inc., we have determined that having an on-site laboratory is essential to assuring that we are taking every possible step avoid job site failures.

We use Qualicoat ™ compliant lab testing equipment supplied by Elcometer. Testing Capabilities Include: Calibrated oven temperature readings, etch rate, un-cured film thickness, dry cured film thickness, dry cross-hatch adhesion, boiling water, wet cross-hatch adhesion, impact resistance, mandrel bend, cupping, gloss level and chemical resistance. We know if there is an issue before we start coating your project. This allows us to offer manufacturer’s factory backed warranties of up to 30 years.